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This is the offical website of the Australian Army.

  • White Ribbon Day

    The Australian Army has achieved accreditation as a White Ribbon Australia Workplace.

    White Ribbon Day
  • Defence Blood Challenge

    The 2015 Defence Blood Challenge is from 1 September to 8 December. Army, Navy, Air Force and Defence Australian Public Service employees compete over three months to achieve the highest number of donations.

    Defence Blood Challenge
  • Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience

    The Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience is the flagship community event of the Australian Government’s Anzac Centenary national programme, commemorating the sacrifices of the First World War.

    Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience
  • Australian tanks in battle

    Australian participation in the Vietnam War began in 1962 with the commitment of the Australian Army Training Team.

    General William C. Westmoreland, Commander, US Military Assistance Command Vietnam, speaks with members of 1 Troop, C Squadron, 1st Armoured Regiment, Royal Australian Armoured Corps (RAAC), about an enemy attack to the Fire Support Base (FSB) Coral, in North-West Bien Hoa Province. Both Coral and Balmoral had been attacked by the Viet Cong; most recently Balmoral had been attacked a few days before General Westmoreland made his farewell visit. Identified, left to right, in front of a Centurion tank, are Corporal Bill Burton, Crew commander; Troopers Jock Kay, Phil Payne, and Peter Lukeis.
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