Unrecovered War Casualties - Army

A Graveyard

UWC-A is the Australian Army's investigative unit responsible for matters associated with the identification and recovery of Australian servicemen who remain unaccounted for from all wars.

Excavation of a burial site

What we do

Unrecovered War Casualties – Army investigates all notifications of the discovery of human remains, as well as information that may lead to the recovery of unrecovered Australian servicemen.

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Funeral for identified Australian soldier

Military funerals and headstone dedication ceremonies

Every serviceman or woman who is killed whilst on active service is given a military funeral, even those who are located and buried decades later.

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Official Dedication Ceremony and Burial of the last Unknown Soldier 19 July 2010


After two years of careful investigation, excavations, recovery and identification work by a joint Australian and British Fromelles Project team, 250 Australian and British Soldiers were reinterred with full military honours in individual graves at the Fromelles (Pheasant Wood) Military Cemetery in 2010.

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Excavation of a burial site

World War Two: Papua and New Guinea

There are over 2000 Australian Servicemen who remain unaccounted for in Papua New Guinea from World War Two. Unrecovered War Casualties – Army is currently investigating cases in Aitape, Bagou, Gewoto, Soputa, Buna, Sanananda, and several places along the Kokoda track.

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A map of the Pacific region.

World War Two: Pacific Region

In the centuries leading up to the outbreak of World War 2 Malaya, Sumatra, Java, Borneo and Timor occupied strategic positions astride the strategic South East Asian trade routes. The entire area was a major source of valuable raw materials such as rubber, oil, tin, and timber. These materials were valuable assets to whatever nation controlled them and in the early 1940s it was Japan that wanted to wrest that control.

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View of Hill 355

The Korean War Project

Unrecovered War Casualties – Army is leading The Korean War Project which aims to update the case files of all Australian soldiers who remain ‘missing in action, presumed dead’ from the Korean War.

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Artefact from the Vietnam War


At the end of the Vietnam War six Australian servicemen were still listed as “Missing in Action”. Between 2007 and 2009 Unrecovered War Casualties – Army successfully recovered four Soldiers and two Airmen. The remains were repatriated to Australia and laid to rest by their families, there are now no Australian Servicemen missing in Vietnam.

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Unrecovered Was Casualties Staff answer questions

Frequently asked questions

Unrecovered War Casualties – Army answers frequently asked questions.

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