6th Aviation Regiment

Warrant Officer Class 2 Steve Carter assists flood victims 29 miles south of Charleville.

The 6th Aviation Regiment (6 Avn Regt) is one of the Australian Army's three Army Aviation regiments.

The Regiment is a unit of 16th Aviation Brigade and was raised 01 March 2008.

6th Aviation Regiment provides air mobility and battlefield support to land and Special Forces in a combined, joint or interagency environment in order to defeat attacks against Australia and assist in the defence of Australia's security interests.

Headquarters 6th Aviation Regiment is located at Luscombe Army Airfield, Holsworthy and commands 171st Aviation Squadron (171 Avn Sqn), 173rd Aviation Squadron (173 Avn Sqn) and a Support Squadron (Spt Sqn).

The Regiment currently operates Blackhawk and Kiowa Helicopters.